Estandon Signature, Alpilles, Alpilles, IGP Alpilles, Rosé, 2021

This young designation was created just 10 years ago...
It is located north of the Bouches du Rhône at the foot of the Alpilles massif.


The story
This massif, which stretches over 25 km from the Rhône Valley to the Durance Valley, has many plains allowing for a diverse agriculture. The coolest land is suitable for animal farming, especially sheep farming, the drier and less fertile soils are ideal for the vine, while the driest soils are used for olive growing. Lastly, the most fertile soils are suitable for market gardening and arboriculture.
Les Opies, at an altitude of 498 metres in the eastern part of the Alpilles, is the highest point of this massif. This summit owes its name to the incorrect transcription of Aupiho, the Provençal name for the massif, meaning "little Alps".
The sun and the Mistral wind remind us that this terroir indeed possesses Mediterranean characteristics, as the Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Carignan grape varieties that are typical of this Alpilles IGP can testify.
Amid a paradise of olive trees, the vineyards are at home on the pebble deposits that are typical of this region. This is an area with a unique climatic variation which is early-ripening, not very frost-prone, hot and with a higher than average rainfall (650 mm/year).
Responsable Technique du Vignoble
Stephan Reinig
Maitre de Chai
Catherine Huguenin


Tasting notes
A rosé in pure Southern tradition, where the marriage of Grenache and Cinsault creates lovely salmon tints.
Subtle nose with notes of citrus fruit followed by a well-balanced palate with hints of tangy fruit that sets off a delicious and delicate finish.
Serve well chilled at 6-8 °C.

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