Gavotte Rosé 2019


The story
"La Gavotte" would be a ballroom dance from the Gaves region in the south of France.
Someone quoted: "After a good meal taken together, some gavottes finish the most beautiful evenings".
Concerned with the most beautiful traditions, the winemakers ESTANDON, to the rhythm of the volutes of this dance composed this rosé with the festive gaits.
Harvested by machine at night. Short skin maceration. Pressing. Thermoregulated
alcoholic fermentation. Prevention of malolactic fermentation.
Traditional temperature-controlled vinification in stainless steel vats.
Responsable Technique du Vignoble
Stephan Reinig
Maitre de Chai
Catherine Huguenin


Tasting notes
With the brightest peach-pink color, the nose is sweetly elegant with fruity and flowery aromas. Weighty and full in the mouth, the palate is well-balanced.

This wine should be chilled to about 8-10 °C before pouring.
Food and wine pairings
Our Gavotte is perfect with fresh and light summer dishes from the Mediterranean area. We particularly appreciate it with a fresh salmon carpaccio.