A deliciously exuberant wine for enjoying with friends.


The story
New in 2016 and presented in an exclusive and extremely elegant bottle, Insolence is synonymous with seduction, pleasure, conviviality and generosity.
Estandon Insolence comes from several very rich terroirs which complement each other perfectly. Most of the vines are situated on the Roquebrussanne plateau, surrounded by limestone and dolomitic mountains. Its rocky soil ensures good drainage of excess water and the retention of the summer heat.
The grapes are mainly harvested by machine very early in the night in order to ensure that the wine has a lovely pale appearance.
A short maceration on the skins is performed before pressing. The juices are settled at low temperature. Alcoholic fermentation is temperature-controlled and malolactic fermentation is prevented.
Vinification is carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, in the traditional manner.
Responsable Technique du Vignoble
Stephan Reinig
Maitre de Chai
Catherine Huguenin


Tasting notes
This rosé wine displays a seductive pale pink hue with raspberry shades. It is spontaneous on the nose with crisp, juicy notes of fresh fruit.
It is “insolent”, soft and delectable on the palate displaying freshness and balance.
Serve well chilled at 6-8 °C.
Food and wine pairings
Estandon Insolence can be enjoyed as an aperitif and is perfect for any convivial drinking occasions.