Terre Nouvelle, IGP Var BIO, Blanc, 2023

The terroirs, the vines, the sky, the soils, biodiversity… Observing nature, listening to its cycles, gives the feeling of working on a new land every day. Taste the joy of the first few times in this organic wine full of freshness.


The vineyards of Centre-Var, between the famous massifs of Sainte Baume and Bessillons, with a continental climate where the Mistral usually blows, are cultivated with growing methods.
Terre Nouvelle is an IGP Var Bio, which expresses the limestone and gypsum soils of its terroir.
The grapes are pressed as soon as the night harvest arrives in the cellar, in order to preserve the freshness of the aromas, vinification of the clear juices at moderate temperature, cleaning by racking at the end of alcoholic fermentation to avoid malolactic fermentation which reduces the natural acidity of wines.
Responsable Technique du Vignoble
Stephan Reinig
Maitre de Chai
Catherine Huguenin
Ugni blanc
Alcohol content : 12,5% % vol.
Contains sulphites.
AB Agriculture Biologique


A nice pink light green.
A nose with white flowers and citrus zests.
A fresh and aromatic mouth.
Serve between 8 and 10°C
Food pairings
This wine will fits perfectly with nice fresh fishes or a delicious herbed goat cheese.


"Selon la date de mise en bouteille et celle de réception des médailles, nos produits portent ou non les signes associés à ces récompenses."